Addressing Tobacco Dependence in the Behavioral Health System Training in the “Bucket Approach”

Get 8.25 FREE credits by taking an all-new, innovative online training to learn best practices that help your patients coping with mental illness or other addictions to quit smoking!

  • It’s grounded. The evidence-based training, called The Bucket Approach, offers videos and an interactive tool to help you chart your plan to seamlessly integrate tobacco treatment into your care.
  • It’s needed. Behavioral health patients smoke more than 40% of the cigarettes in America and represent nearly half of tobacco deaths.
  • It’s possible. They want to quit, can quit, and have quit smoking-but need more help than smokers from the general population.
  • It’s beneficial. Quitting smoking delivers great benefits to clients (improved physical and mental health/less need for prescriptions) as well as for treatment programs and staff-without hurting census.

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The training was created by the University of Wisconsin and sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.