The Wisconsin Nurses Association Nurses Caring for Nurses is a voluntary confidential advocacy program for nurses and employers. This program is part of WNA’s Workforce Advocacy Program. The Nurses Caring for Nurses Program was established in 1993 because of the growing awareness of the need for WNA to address the needs of the chemically dependent nurse.

WNA’s Nurses Caring for Nurses Program does not provide mental health or addiction counseling, intervention, treatment, or monitoring during recovery services. But rather education, awareness, support in recovery and advocacy.

WNA and the Nurses Caring for Nurses Program are not affiliated with the Department of Regulation and Licensing or Board of Nursing.

WNA Nurses Caring for Nurses Program Role and Activities

  1. To serve as a resource for nurses with questions about alcohol and drug use.
  2. To provide support and advocacy for nurses seeking assistance with recovery through WNA’s Nurses Caring for Nurses Program.

Support is provided by WNA’s Nurses Caring for Nurses Program staff members and the Nurses Caring for Nurses Network of Volunteers. These individuals are trained to help nurses who perceive a need for assistance in seeking treatment, remaining in recovery, or for workplace re-entry. Consultation is available for any nurse including LPN, RN, WNA members, non-members or student nurses. Other consultation is available for employers, family or friend concerning reporting, employing, treating and supporting options available.

WNA staff will assist you in accessing a Nurses Caring for Nurses Volunteer or provide other information to you related to chemical dependency. You can contact us at 221-0383 or if you are outside Madison call 800-362-3959 Ask for Gina and she will provide confidential assistance. WNA is only interested in knowing your first name and how to contact you.

3. To educate student nurses, licensed nurses and nurse employers about chemical abuse/dependency among nurses.

“WNA wants all nurses and employers of nurses to know about chemical dependency and impaired practice. In order to accomplish this, WNA has prepared on-line resources that can be used in learning more about chemical abuse, addiction and impaired practice. It is WNA’s goal that any nurse who is willing to seek treatment and pursue recovery deserves to remain employed and supported. WNA has developed online resources for your use and sharing and can be access by clicking on topics below.”

4. To educate health care workers and consumers about WNA’s Nurses Caring for Nurses Program.

Persons wishing to offer financial support to Nurses Caring for Nurses may do so through the Nurses Foundation of Wisconsin, 6200 Gisholt Dr # 104, Madison, WI 53713