ALERT!  Attempts to Dismantle Wisconsin Nursing Workforce Survey

One June 7, 2023, the Wisconsin State Assembly approved AB 204 that included an amendment which changed the LPN and RN workforce surveys to voluntary and pay $400 to participate. WNA is opposed to AB 204 because it stops the collection of valuable information about Wisconsin’s nursing workforce which impacts the ability to address the concerns that are identified in the report.

The Senate version, SB 193 has not been acted on in the Committee.  This gives us an opportunity to stop the progression of this language and concept on the Senate side. WNA is implementing a grassroots advocacy campaign as see as we know when there will be action on the bill.  WNA is meeting with key Senators to request that the RN and LPN Workforce Survey process remain intact. Please watch for WNA alerts asking for your action.


WNA is very concerned about the Assembly’s action because these surveys are the only mechanism that allows nurses to share their voice.  For example, questions on the survey provide information from nurses about plans on leaving direct care and the reasons why, another question where we received responses from nurses about the changes they have experienced in their physical and mental well-being pre and post-COVID.  It is important to know that this information came directly from nurses. This accurate and reliable information is valuable and should be used to influence policy, employer practices, and schools of nursing planning.

With this accurate and reliable information, Wisconsin will be able to ascertain the success of implementation strategies that address:  

  • Innovations in nursing care redesign models,
  • Recruitment and retention of nurses in all settings,
  • Increasing enrollment of nursing students that address school and system capacity and collaboration,
  • Increasing the supply of nurse educators,
  • Improving nurses physical and mental well-being.

Here are infographics that come from the LPN and RN workforce surveys.  As you can see this information can support policy and nurse’s voice.

2021 LPN-Wisconsin Licensed Practical Nurse Capacity and Supply Snapshot

2022 APN-Capacity and Supply Snapshot

2022 RN-Capacity and Supply Snapshot

Wisconsin Nursing Education at a Glance