WNA does not provide or engage in collective bargaining services or activities. Rather, WNA provides its members with professional practice advocacy through its Workforce Advocacy Services. The WNA Workforce Advocacy Council facilitates and advocates for collaborative strategies to support nurse’s professional integrity, rights and responsibilities, ethics, principles, advancement of practice standards and personal well-being. As a role model for nurses supporting nurses including self-advocacy, the WNA promotes, develops and makes available services and tools that address workforce issues.  WNA has the Workforce Advocacy Council that is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the activities, work, products, tools, and services offered to the members.  Recommendations for changes/improvements will be directed to the WNA Board of Directors for discussion and action.


  1. Receive reports from the executive director regarding one-on-one individual technical and professional assistance provided to the WNA member.
  2. Provide tools that aid in the education of nurses related to the promotion of professional responsibilities, behaviors, rights, personal determination, growth and personal self-care.
  3. Support advocacy efforts related to legislative and regulatory policies that support the workplace environment for nurses.
  4. Promote the advancement of national workforce advocacy products and services provided by the American Nurses Association.
  5. Work collaboratively with groups/organizations whose decisions impact the delivery of quality nursing services.
  6. Demonstrate that the workforce advocacy services provided by WNA are relevant in meeting the needs of the practicing nurse.

2024 WNA Workforce Advocacy Council Roster

Kate Gillespie, Madison

Pamela Helander, Kaukauna

Tracy Kussmaul, Evansville

Jennifer Lindner, De Pere

Jenny Malak, Oregon

Alison Simpson, Bayside

Christopher Wojnar, Milwaukee

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