Protecting and Advancing your Practice

As the only registered lobbyist for Wisconsin registered nurses, WNA works hard at the State Capitol (and on Capitol Hill in Washington) to make sure nursing’s best interests are always represented. We monitor State Board of Nursing meetings, help elect candidates that support nursing through our political action committees WINPAC and ANA-PAC, and provide legal counsel to nurses who need our help.

WNA Legislative and Regulatory Update – April
Click here to view WNA’s 2017-2019 Public Policy Agenda.

Interested in getting more involved with Wisconsin’s nursing policy and political activism?

  1. Learn more about WNA’s Political Action Committee (WINPAC) here, and fill out this form to indicate your interest: WINPAC Form
  2. Learn more about WNA’s Public Policy Council

The legislative process can be confusing. Here are some resources that can help you get a better sense of what’s going on in Wisconsin:

  1. The short explanation; including what you can do to follow a bill: Follow the Process
  2. The longer explanation; understanding the lawmaking steps in detail: The Legislative Process in Wisconsin