WNA’s Tri-Council scans the health care environment for trends that impact nursing practice. Topics are reviewed by the council along with the development of recommendations for further exploration.  Recommendations focus on position statement development, education program, conducting of research, or a member engagement activity.


  1. Receive and discuss subject matter that support or impact nursing practice.
  2. Determine if the information discussed should be further explored by the council.
  3. If the council decides to pursue the topic/topic, a plan is developed on how it is to be addressed.
  4. Review WNA positions to identify any conflicts.
  5. Report activities to WNA Board of Directors via the Coordinating Cabinet.


2018 WNA Tri-Council Roster

Jill Krell – West Bend
Catherine Andrews – Madison
Ashley Kwasinski – Waterford
Linda Wlodyga – Baldwin
Linda Matheson – Fond du Lac
Gail Hanson Brenner – Eau Claire
Kelsi Brooks – Madison
Jenni Jacobs – Whitewater

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