COVID-19 News

  • April 5, 2020 COVID-19: Mapped Data

    Source:  Wisconsin Department of Health Services Understanding reported data All data are laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 that we freeze once a day to verify and ensure that we are reporting accurate information. These numbers are the official state numbers, though counties may report their own totals independent of DHS. Combining

  • Board of Nursing Provides Licensing Information, Application Materials and FAQs Related to COVID-19

    The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) which provides services to the Board of Nursing has sent out information to support increasing the supply of nurses in Wisconsin in response to COVID-19. For a summary of the information please click here To access the applications for licensure Attesting

  • Governor Evers Issues Executive Order that Supports Increasing the Supply of Nurses in Response to COVID-19

    WNA’s Advocacy Efforts Pay Off! Governor Evers issued Executive Order #16  which suspends Administrative Rules of Health Care Providers and Professional Services Credentialing which includes sections of the Administrative Code for Nursing.  By suspending these rules the Governor has created a pathway for increasing the number of nurse available to

  • WNA Update on Supporting Wisconsin Nurses during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

    WNA continues to advocate for the nurses of Wisconsin.  Here is a summary of activities that have taken place over the last few days. The Wisconsin Board of Nursing is working on development emergency rules that will increase the number of nurses via Issuing of a temporary licensure (Graduate Nurse),

  • Joint Statement from Wisconsin Health Care Leaders

    Health care leaders from across Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Nurses Association, have signed a joint letter urging the public to abide by the “Safer at Home” order for COVID-19. “Wisconsin’s hospitals, health systems, physicians, nurses, clinics, health centers, nursing homes and long-term care facilities strongly support the ‘Safer at Home’

  • WNA Board of Directors Approves Plan That Support Nurses and the public

    On Friday, March 20 the WNA Board of Directors approved a multidimensional plan for addressing Wisconsin’s COVID-19 public health emergency. The board has committed to implementing these strategies through the collective efforts of the Board and WNA’s three Councils, Public Policy, TriCouncil and Workforce Advocacy. Here is an overview of

  • WNA Update on Response to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

    The Wisconsin Nurses Association is in a unique position to provide support through information sharing and active engagement in responding to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (click here for a printable PDF) During the past two weeks WNA has participated in a Governor Sanctioned Department of Health Services State Disaster

  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

    We are aware of the current public health concerns and will keep a close eye on the situation.  Any updates or changes to the current plan will be shared with conference participants as quickly as possible. WNA continues to work with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to provide you

  • Wisconsin Nurses Day at the Capitol and COVID-19

    Wisconsin Nurses Day at the Capitol will continue as planned. We all play a role in reducing the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak in our communities. Naturally, we encourage everyone to practice good habits, including: Wash your hands regularly, especially after using the restroom and before preparing or consuming food.