Governor Evers Reinstates the Nursing Workforce Related Administrative Rules found in Executive Order #16

Governor Evers has issued Emergency Order 2​, which contains provisions related to licensed health care professionals in response to the surge in COVID throughout Wisconsin. The Governor has learned about the shortage of health care providers including nurses.  The shortage is impacting the hospitals and other facilities is responding to the surge in COVID throughout Wisconsin that is resulting in health care provider shortages which is putting a strain on hospitals capacity to treat. One of the actions the Governor is taking today is to increase the supply of credentialed health care workers. Specifically, he is reinstating the suspension of the Administrative Rules for Nursing that are found in Section V of his Emergency Order 16 which allows for the following:


Wis. Admin. Code§ N. l.08(5m)(b)

Places limit on utilization of simulation for nurse training



Wis. Admin. Code§ N. 2.31 (3)

Applications to practice under a temporary permit



Wis. Admin. Code§ N. 2.34

Duration of temporary licenses

Partially suspended with companion order. “An issued temporary license will remain valid until end of emergency or six months after availability of NCLEX, whichever occurs last.”


Wis. Admin. Code § N 2.40(2)(a )-(c)

Requirements for credential renewal within five years of expiration.

Partially suspended with companion order. Subsections (b) and (c) are suspended. Any applicable late renewal fee under subsection (a) is suspended. Nothing about this suspension should be construed to apply to a credential holder who has unmet disciplinary requirements or whose credential has been surrendered or revoked. Wis. Stat. § 441.01(7) is to be interpreted so as not to apply to applications for license renewal after expiration under Wis.Admin. Code§ N 2 .40(2).


Wis. Admin. Code§ N. 8.10(2) and (7)

Nursing care management and collaboration with other health care professionals and physicians.



To read all of the language contained in each of the Administrative Rules for Nursing click here: Statutes and Administrative Code


Please continue to practice safely, mask up, don your PPE, distancing of 6 feet or more.  Please continue to set the example for your family and the public to mask up, social distancing of 6 feet, wash hands, and avoid touching the face.  These measures protect all of us.


Please contact our Executive Director, by email, with the subject line Executive Order #16, with questions.