WINPAC is the political action arm of the Wisconsin Nurses Association whose primary purpose is to develop political power through increased awareness and political involvement. Its goal is to educate nurses and health care consumers about the elective process, the records of officeholders and candidates, and the important political issues related to nurses, nursing, and health; to stimulate nurses and health care consumers to become active in governmental affairs; to assist nurses and health care consumers in organizing for effective political action; and to promote candidates for state public office who have demonstrated responsible awareness of nurses’ needs and the health needs of people.

WINPAC does not endorse federal candidates. Federal endorsements are conducted through the American Nurses Association’s Political Action Committee, ANA-PAC. Click here to learn more about ANA-PAC.

Monetary contributions to WINPAC are appreciated and accepted at any time. Please include your address and place of employment with all contributions for record keeping purposes. These can be sent to WINPAC, 6117 Monona Drive, Madison, WI 53716.

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