Each year, WNA’s membership, in collaboration with WNA’s Professional Policy Committee, develops Position Statements for member consideration at the Annual Meeting. A Position Statement addresses an issue significant to nursing on the state or national level and establishes policies or positions supportive of the purposes of WNA.

Current WNA Position Statements


Action on Supporting Diversity & Inclusion in Nursing


Position Statement on Immunizations for Nurses and Other Health Care Workers


Mentoring of New Graduates of Nursing

Organizational Affiliate Benefits

WNA’s Role in the Opioid Epidemic


Water Quality and Availability

Mandatory Continuing Education for Nurses as a Condition of License Renewal

Enhancing WNA Programmatic Work Related to the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan



Academic Progression

Emerging Role of the Nurse

Interprofessional Education leading to Team Based Care



The Nurse’s Role and Capacity in Addressing Obesity in Wisconsin

WNA’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values, and Goals in 2014-2015

 Prescription Drug Epidemic


Explore and Promote Fitness Among the Nursing Workforce

Addressing Workplace Violence

Examination of WNA’s Governance Structure



WNA Goals

Care Coordination and RN Role

Disposal of Pharmaceuticals

Increasing Awareness of Advanced Care Planning

Plastics in the Environment

Coal Burning and Health Effects

America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic



Elimination of Hostility, Abuse and Bullying in the Workforce

Exploration of WNA Transition from a District to Region Model Membership

Addressing Health Literacy Through Patient Literacy

Mentoring Programs for Novice Nurses

Validating and Valuing Nursing’s Contributions to Quality Care Via Data Collection and Reporting



Exploration of and Promotion of the Role of the RN in Family Care

Assuring an Active Provider Role for Advanced Practice Nurses in Medical Homes

2009-2011 WNA Goals

Celebration of Wisconsin Nurses Association 100th Anniversary


  • 2008 WNA References – Members present at the 2008 WNA Annual Meeting adopted the following references:

Reference 1 – Human Trafficking

Reference 2 – Assuring the Currency and Relevance of Official WNA Position Statements

Reference 3  – Global Climate Change and Human Health (Background Information)

Reference 4 – Educational Advancement for Registered Nurses

Reference 5 – Requirements for Demonstrating Continued Competence for Registered Nurses

Reference 6 – Safe Nurse Staffing