The WNA Task Force on the Prescription Drug Epidemic in Wisconsin will identify the educational, policy, research, and legal strategies related to the recommendations contained the White House President’s Report.

The identified recommendations included in the report are as follows:

  1. Support the recommendations of the 2011 White House President’s Report which include:
  2. Education to raise the awareness of parents, youth, patients, and healthcare providers regarding prescription drug abuse.
  3. Development of Tracking & Monitoring Programs of prescription drug usage and abuse.
  4. Proper medication disposal to prevent diversion and environmental harm.
  5. Enforcement, including supporting actions against pain clinics and prescribers who are not prescribing within the usual course of practice and not for legitimate medical purposes.
  6. Also working for community-based solutions for “doctor-shopping.”

Read the reference report

Read the October 2013 report

ANA Resources on Opioid Dependence

ANA has developed a website that provides resources on opioid dependence on and associated drug-related overdose and deaths are serious public health problems facing the nation. Registered nurses are on the front lines of addressing this problem, helping patients to understand the risks and benefits of pain treatment options, as well as advocating for appropriate substance use disorder (SUD) treatment modalities.  Keep abreast through ANA’s Opioid Epidemic website.