This task force will explore strategies to increase the supply of qualified nurse educators through…

  1. Encouraging partnerships of DNP and PhD prepared nursing faculty those results in better preparation of the future nurses.
  2. Collaborating with ANA to secure funding for the continued education of nurse educators.
  3. Examining financial strategies that would include the following:

a. Increased funding for all schools to hire more faculty.
b. Support an increase in salaries for nursing faculty.
c. Increase support for students

Charge Statement

The Academic Progression Task Force will develop an awareness campaign with the purpose of increasing the supply of nurse educators by demonstrating the value and importance of nurse educators.

The awareness campaign will focus on two targeted audiences:

  1. The public including philanthropists, policy-makers and business leaders.
  2. Current and future nurses so as to create an interest in pursuing a MSN, DNP or PhD.

First deliverable will be creation of a white paper.

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