As a nurse, ANA, and WNA member, you are committed to providing superior care to your patients. It is your passion, and you invest all of your energy in your work. But who is taking care of you while you take care of others? Through ANA’s Personal Benefits, we are here to help with four important programs that every nurse must consider. ANA has carefully screened partners committed to providing ANA members with great value, and we make it easy to cover yourself in these critical areas.

Nurse Service Organization

Nurses need to protect themselves and their career by maintaining Professional Liability Insurance, a.k.a. Medical Malpractice Insurance.  Do not assume your employer’s liability insurance will cover you when a lawsuit or complaint is filed.  Nurses Service Organization (NSO) has a 45+ year history of defending nursing professionals from allegations of medical malpractice and licensing complaints.  With over 500,000 nursing professionals insured and 60+ professional nursing association partners, they are the premier administrator of nurses’ malpractice insurance in the U.S.

We encourage you to explore NSO’s website, receive a quick rate quote, and browse the case studies and articles in NSO’s Learning Center.  In the Learning Center, you will find NSO’s 4th Nurses Claim Report.  It provides statistical data and an analysis of malpractice and licensing claims, as well as recommendations on how you can avoid potential problems in your practice.

Learn more about NSO and receive an instant quote.

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