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Info on Registrants 2015-2016  Provides overview of demographic info on registrants, conference registration rates over the last few years. This info for 2017-2021 is at the beginning of the ‘Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN’ documents. Consider for ways to advertise conference and increase attendance in future.

The following documents give insight into the number registering for each session in 2017-2021 – consider against the topic, number of pharm contact hours offered, whether targeted needs of novice/experienced APRNs…
2017 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2018 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2019 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2020 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2021 APRN evaluation by breakout session – Rx amount (a good one-page list to print and mark up to see which individual session evaluations were in your ‘specialty track’)

2017 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions
2018 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions
2019 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions
2020 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions VIRTUAL
2021 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions VIRTUAL
2021 APRN Skills Day Session Descriptions

Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2017
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2018 
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2019
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2020
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN Pharm 2021please review for ideas on topics/speakers/suggestions for next year’s conference.
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN Skills Day 2021

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Welcome and Legislative Update
Virtual Poster Session


KEYNOTE: Advancing Evidence-based Practice and Clinician Well-being to Achieve Healthcare’s Quadruple Aim: Strategies that Work!

1A: Neonatal Seizures
1B: Part 1 – Obesity in Women
1C: Appropriate Opioid Prescribing and Opioid Discontinuation in the Wake of America’s Opioid Epidemic
1D: The “So What” Outcome Factor in Research and EBP Projects

2A: Treatment of Pediatric Thyroid Disorders
2B: Part 2 – Obesity in Women: Practical Application + Case Studies
2C: The Office-Based Use of Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
2D: Hyperglycemia & Venous Reflux: Two Chronic Conditions and the Ulcers that Result

3A: Fundamentals of Adolescent Contraception
3B: Liver Longer and Prosper – Management of the Failing Liver
3C: Heart Failure Pearls for Practice
3D: Geriatric Medicine Management Pearls

4A: Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children: 2021 Update
4B: Updates in Vaginal Health
4C: Understanding “Troponin Leaks”
4D: Diabetes, Comorbidity, Complexity, and Age: Case Review Studies
4E: Substance Use Disorder and Healthcare Professionals

PLENARY 1: COVID Vaccines: Balancing Risks, Benefits, Good Science and Decisions


PLENARY 2: Antiracism: A Vision for a New Normal

5A: Update on Acne Vulgaris
5B: Adult Vaccination Update 2021: Taking a Shot at Protecting Your Female Patients
5C: Community Crisis, Community Response – Rural health system’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
5D: Precision Medication Management: The Fusion of Art and Science in Medication Selection

6A: Management of Pediatric Hypertension
6B: Well Cultured – Applying Infectious Disease Principles to Clinical Practice
6C: Dementia Management – When Dementia Becomes the Primary Diagnosis
6D: CBD: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

7A: The Evaluation and Treatment of Pediatric Functional Constipation
7B: Managing Menopause: Current and Emerging Therapies
7C: Diagnosis and Management of Hyponatremia
7D: Clinical Lipid Updates: New Drugs & New Insights into Risk Stratification
7E: Alcohol Abuse Disorder

8A: Management of Medication Overuse Headaches
8B: Incontinence Evaluation and Treatment
8C: Anticoagulation, Coagulopathies and Thrombophilia: Evaluation and Treatment Options
8D: My Patient has a Bipolar Diagnosis – Now What?

PLENARY 3: Mental Health, COVID, and Change; A status update on coping, caring, and moving forward


1A: An Introduction to Primary Wound Closure, Principles and Practice
1B: IUD Insertion Workshop (Part 1)
1C: Basic Interpretation of the 12 Lead ECG (Part 1)

2A: Common Dermatologic Disorders and In-Office Procedures
2B: IUD Insertion Workshop (Part 2)
2C: Basic Interpretation of the 12 Lead ECG (Part 2)

3A: An Introduction to Primary Wound Closure, Principles and Practice
3B: Examination of the Shoulder, Hip and Knee – It’s easier than you think!
3C: Low Back Pain – What Has MRI Taught Us?

4A: Multi-modal Treatment Approach to Musculoskeletal Injuries
4B: Concussions – Diagnosing, Treating and Long Term Outcomes
4C: CXR Interpretation. A Case-based Review
4D: Casting and Splinting for Basic Orthopedic Injuries