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The following documents give insight into the number registering for each session in 2017-2020 – consider against the topic, number of pharm contact hours offered, whether targeted needs of novice/experienced APRNs…
2017 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2018 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2019 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount
2020 APRN registration by breakout session – Rx amount (a good one-page list to print and mark up to see which individual session evaluations were in your ‘specialty track’)

2017 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions
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2020 APRN Pharm Session Descriptions VIRTUAL

Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2017
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2018 
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2019
Overall Conference Evaluation – APRN 2020please review for ideas on topics/speakers/suggestions for next year’s conference.

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Welcome and Legislative Update
Virtual Poster Session


1A – Diabetes and Prediabetes Care involving CDE in Disease Management
1B – The Neurologic Exam for the Non-Neurologist
1C – What Your ID Specialist Wishes You Knew
1D – How to Precept Virtually Anywhere

2A – Type 2 DM: Insulin Therapy
2B – Pharmacogenetics: Practical Information for Advanced Practice Providers
2C – Pain Management and Opioids: Balancing Risks and Benefits
2D – Caring for Older Adults during a Pandemic: A Panel Discussion Across Care Settings

Plenary 1 – Providing Inclusive Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, NonBinary and Queer+ Identities in Healthcare

3A – To Pee or Not to Pee: Management of Pediatric Voiding Dysfunction
3B – Delirium in the Hospitalized Older Adult: Top 5 Tips for the Acute Care Practitioner
3C – Building Pathways in Pain Management: Osteoarthritis and Chronic Low Back Pain
3D – Principles in the Care of Transgender Patients

4A – Current Management of Tics and Tourette Syndrome
4B – Best Practices for OB/GYN Care in Transgendered Persons
4C – The Lab Result has an “L” Next to “eGFR” – Now What?
4D – Gotta Go Right Now: Evaluation and Management of Overactive Bladder
4E – Emerging Models of Community Pharmacy Involvement in the Opioid Crisis in Wisconsin


KEYNOTE – Forecasting the Futures of Health Care: Imperatives and Challenges for Advanced Practitioners
Plenary 2 – COVID-19 Pharmacotherapy: Lessons Learned through Wave 1, Preparing for Wave 2, and Keys to Emerging from the Pandemic

5A – Management of Pediatric and Adolescent Migraine
5B – Primary Care Pearls of Practice for Geriatric Gynecology
5C – Acute Management of Atrial Fibrillation
5D – Is This Even Anxiety? And if it is, what do I do now?

6A – Pediatric Autonomic Dysfunction
6B – Endometriosis: The Whole Picture
6C – 2020 Update in Infectious Disease – “Hot Button Topics”
6D – Treatment of Sleep Difficulties in Older Adults with Dementia
6E – Addressing Pain in People Who Live with Psychiatric Disorders

7A – Innovation & Updates in Managing Diabetes in Pediatrics
7B – Beyond Fertility: Long Term Health Complications of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
7C – Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, and the Shifting Landscape of Nicotine Addiction
7D – COPD Management: We’ll Not Leave You Breathless
7E – Recognizing and Treating Bipolar in Older Adults

8A – Otitis Media Treatment in the 21st Century
8B – Contraceptive Innovations: What‘s New and What’s Next
8C – Navigating and Balancing Blood Viscosity for Mechanical Circulatory Device Therapy
8D – Sleep Disorders in Primary Care
8E – The Pharmacology of Depression in Youth