APRN Modernization Act Update Summary of May 24, 203 Senate Health Committee Public Hearing on SB 145

The Senate Health Committee held a public hearing on SB 145 – The APRN Modernization Act.  Senator Patrick Testin, author of SB 145 and Representative Gae Magnafici, author of AB 154 opened the hearing by providing the reasons why The APRN Modernization Act needs to be passed this legislative session citing the following reasons: 

  • APRNs deliver accessible, safe, and quality care in areas of the state where there is a shortage of physicians,
  • APRNs stepped up during the COVID pandemic where they were not required to have a collaborating physician written agreement resulting in more patients receiving care,
  • APRNs should be allowed to practice independently so that Wisconsinites can access care that is delivered in their communities, which is less costly, and with less wait times.

Gina Dennik-Champion, WNA Executive Director, followed the legislator’s testimony and provided a summary of the intent of the bill, on-going meetings with medical groups to agree to language, meetings with the Governor’s office, that Wisconsin can be the 28th state with full practice authority and the important reasons why the bill needs to pass this session.

Testimony was provided by a medical economist who has researched NP practice for decades and shared a summary of the data indicating the safety and quality of care provided is comparable to that of physicians.

Testimony was given by Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Clinical Nurse Specialists who shared information about quality and safe care, personal stories, and the need for full practice authority to increase patient access to care. 

The only opposition came from the lobbyist for the Wisconsin Medical Society who indicated that he was testifying on behalf of all the physician groups.  He received many challenging questions from the Committee members.

You can access the recording of the hearing by going to Wisconsin Eye  https://wiseye.org/2023/05/24/senate-committee-on-health-11/

Click here to learn more about the APRN bill and how you can be involved.