The Public Hearings on AB 396 and SB 394 are completed.  Testimony was excellent and persuasive. WNA is in need of your immediate assistance!  We want to have the Health Committee Chairs to hold a meeting of the Committee members to vote yes on the moving the legislative bills out of committee and get scheduled for a vote by the full Assembly and Senate.

The Committee members need to hear from you today!

WNA has provided sample letters that you can use to contact each of the health committee members. The letters provide a space for you to share why or the benefits of the APRN Modernization Act legislation.  There is also a reminder to include your name and address. Don’t forget your credentials.

You can find the letters sorted by committee member and their email address.  You should be able to cut and paste your message into your email.  Click here to access the materials

Please contact Gina Dennik-Champion, WNA Executive Director and Lobbyist if you have any questions.