Workplace Violence

WNA Launches Campaign to Protect Nurses From Workplace Violence

Get the Talking Points – Assembly Bill 175Senate Bill 163


Licensed nurses are experiencing on the job workplace violence from patients and/or visitors.  The current Criminal Code Wisconsin State Statute 940 provides a listing of workers from certain settings who have experienced incidences of workplace violence in which a Level H Felony can be applied.  For licensed nurses the only setting in which a Level H Felony can be applied are for those instances taking place in the emergency department.  Unfortunately, the incidences of workplace violence against licensed nurses are taking place in many settings and without the advantage of charging the perpetrator with a Level H Felony.

WNA is trying to have all cases of workplace violence against nurses charged as a Level H Felony, regardless of practice setting.

Please check the WNA website for further updates, including opportunities where you can get involved.