Governor Evers Issues Executive Order that Supports Increasing the Supply of Nurses in Response to COVID-19

WNA’s Advocacy Efforts Pay Off!

Governor Evers issued Executive Order #16  which suspends Administrative Rules of Health Care Providers and Professional Services Credentialing which includes sections of the Administrative Code for Nursing.  By suspending these rules the Governor has created a pathway for increasing the number of nurse available to support the COVID public health emergency.

The Governor’s order accomplishes the follows:

  1. Allows Wisconsin Schools of Nursing to increase clinical education via simulation. The 50% threshold has been expanded.
  2. Allows for Graduate Nurse temporary licensure. The temporary license is valid until the end of the emergency or six months after availability of NCLEX.
  3. Allows for renewal of license for applicants that have been out of the workforce beyond five years without having to complete the five year refresher course. Applicants must be free of any disciplinary sanctions. Payment of licensure application fees are not required.
  4. Allows Advanced Practice Nurses to practice nursing care management without a collaborative agreement N8 10(2) and N8 10(7)   This allows Wisconsin to be in congruence with 22 other states that provide for full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses. This in turn supports increased patient access to timely and quality care.
  5. Allows for nurses from other states who are good standing with their Board of Nursing to practice in Wisconsin without applying for a temporary license.

WNA has actively advocated for these waivers through communication with the Governor’s Office, the attending meetings of the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing, Department of Safety and Professional Services Secretary-Designee Dawn Crim, and legislators.

WNA is very appreciative of the Governor’s support for the need to increase the supply of nurses during this crisis responding to WNA’s requests.

Click here to view Executive Order #16