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Minutes from Meetings

May 18, 2018

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Inspiring Wisconsin Nurses to protect, conserve, and educate to improve our environment and our health.


The WEHNC is committed to advancing the nursing profession and protecting the public using environmental health nursing principles, through initiatives that impact practice, research, education, and policy in Wisconsin.


WEHNC membership is open to WNA members who are interested in environmental health issues in areas impacting education, research, practice, advocacy, and policy. WEHNC members can run for office and vote. WEHNC Friends are nurses or others interested in environmental health nursing, but are not WNA members; they are also encouraged to participate with WEHNC members.


The purpose of the WEHNC MIG shall be to serve as a vehicle for nurses from a variety of settings and diverse backgrounds to:

  • Explore and share information related to environmental health
  • Enhance networking to improve health through environmental initiatives that impact practice, education, research, and advocacy

Nurses Caring for Climate and Health shares stories and experiences of nurses across specialties, describing how their practices and patients are impacted by climate change and what they are doing to move climate solutions forward.

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