Please nominate one student from your school’s Fall/Spring semester graduating class who is an exemplary leader and embodies the ethics and values of nursing. This is for undergraduate students in pre-licensure programs.
Only one student from each school will be considered. Please work with your fellow faculty members to decide on a student to nominate. Nominator must be a current WNA member.

Award Criteria:

  • Demonstrate Leadership
  • Prepare, motivate, and impact other students as leaders
  • Participate in community activities and giving back to others
  • Mentor fellow students
  • Promote activity in nursing organizations, such as the National Student Nurses’ Association
  • Make a significant contribution to the overall excellence of their school
  • Set a healthy example and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate a clear sense of direction for their future nursing careers

Nominate a Student for Spring 2024 HERE