Presenters are listed after their Session #.  Click on name to open the Bio PDF file. Download/print the Bio forms as you see fit.  If the Bio form for the presenter(s) you are introducing at conference are not here, please contact 
Please protect the presenters’ personal information by shredding these forms after conference – thank you!

A     Tabitha Uitenbroek     Amanda Daniels
B/F     Robin Matthies     Julie Incitti
C/G     Meghan Christian
D     Kristie Kaplan     Matthew Edwards

E     Tabitha Uitenbroek     Amanda Daniels
H     Lynn Estacio     Kristie Kaplan

Opening Keynote     Nina Fekaris

1A     Martha Dewey Bergren
1B     Debbie Lassiter
1C     Nina Fekaris
1D     Jennifer Siudzinski     Tiffany Vogel     TJ Hilgenberg

Plenary 1     Martha Dewey Bergren
Plenary 2     Tracey Smith

2A     Martha Dewey Bergren
2B     Debbie Lassiter
2C     Phil Jakubowski     Kim Jakubowski
2D     Louise Wilson
2E     David Brooks

Plenary 3     Louise Wilson

3A     Mary S. Gerbig
3B     Ruth Ellen Luehr
3C     Sue Will
3D     Kathryn Bush

4A     Mary S. Gerbig
4B     Ruth Ellen Luehr
4C     Gretchen Forbes    Louise Wilson
4D     Alissa Carriveau
4E     Karen S. Gralton

5A     Becky McConnell    Lisa Jensen
5B     Louise Wilson
5C     Molly Herrmann
5D     Alissa Carriveau
5E     Elizabeth Witkowski

Closing Keynote     Sue Will