WNA and Snazzy Traveler

Read about the benefits of using Snazzy Traveler.

When enrolling for the first time using WNA’s promotional code, please use the following instructions.

  1. Use the link provided for Snazzy Traveler snazzytraveler.com/WNA
  2. Hit the “Join Now” button
  3. On the next page, hit the green button that says “Redeem Code Here
  4. On the next page simply enter the promo code WNATravel in the box under “Promotional Code” and then hit “Check Code” (do NOT enter anything else on this page and do NOT give a credit card on this page)
  5. Once you put in your code and hit Redeem Code, you will see a green box to the right that says Success and you will be taken to the next page (if you get an error message, reenter the code again.)
  6. On the next page simply enter your information in the boxes provided and check off the box “I agree to Terms and Conditions” and hit the “Submit” button
  7. Once you hit the Submit button and you get a Success message, you will be redirected into Snazzy Traveler