WNA Disappointed with Governor Evers Veto of APRN Licensure Bill

The Wisconsin Nurses Association (WNA) wants to share our disappointment over Governor Evers’ veto of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure Bill SB 145.  This action not only prevents licensure of over 8,000 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, but also delays the opportunity to improve access to care for many people across Wisconsin. In the 27 states that allow APRN independent the practice, APRNs have stepped forward to open their practice to meet the healthcare needs of rural and underserved populations.

WNA will continue to educate policy makers on the benefits of APRN licensure and independent practice.  We are confident that there is a pathway to success on this bill that will be acceptable to all parties.  The healthcare workforce needs of Wisconsin necessitate innovations like this bill.  Nurses are tough; we will be back again next session to continue our work.

Special thanks and appreciation to all who advocated for the passage of the APRN Modernization Act this session. We know what the Governor wants included in the APRN bill next session. With all of our efforts, advocacy, and continued persistence we should be able to claim victory in the early 2025-26 legislative session.

Click here for the Governor’s Veto Message.