2020 Nurses Day at the Capitol

We will be showing our voice, value and visibility on Wednesday when 950 registered nurses and nursing students participate in Nurses Day in the Capital.  Topics that will be discussed with the legislators on Wednesday include:

Nurse Faculty Shortage Crisis

The projected Wisconsin demand for RNs and nurse practitioners over the next decade is staggering. To meet this demand, actions to increase the number of nursing faculty and expand nursing programs must be dramatic and immediate.

Increase Immunity Through Immunizations

Immunizations control the spread of the more common communicable diseases which protect nurses, other health care providers patients, families and communities. Remove the exemption for personal conviction and increase immunity for the communities.

Ask Me First – Informed Consent for Pelvic Exams by Medical Students

The Wisconsin Nurses Association supports SB 635 and AB 694 the Patient Privacy Protection Act which is legislation that requires hospitals to have a policy requiring written and verbal informed consent before a medical student may perform a pelvic examination on a patient who is under general anesthesia or otherwise unconscious.

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