ACTION ALERT – APRN Modernization Act

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Update on the APRN Modernization Act. Action Alert!  Now is the time for you to contact your state senator and assembly person asking them to sign-on as a co-sponsor to Assembly LRB- 3325 and Senate LRB – 3578 

The APRN Modernization Act is a legislative proposal that is sponsored by Representative Rachael Cabral-Guevara and Senator Patrick Testin.  The language is very similar to the legislative bills from the last legislative session.  The overall benefits of this legislative proposal supports includes the following:

  • Protects the public with truth and transparency about the responsibility and accountability of APRN practice through separate licensure.
  • Modernizes antiquated language to reflect current APRN practice and responsibilities.
  • Eliminates unnecessary barriers that have proven to provide no value to the delivery and safety of APRN care and services.
  • Set a high standard of safety in caring for our patients.

Wisconsin is witnessing a shortage of physicians in our population dense and rural communities prior to, during, and post COVID-19 public health emergency. This is creating long wait times for individuals to access quality care in the most appropriate cost-effective setting.  You are finding utilization of APRNs  to meet the health care needs in the majority of legislator’s communities. Research repeatedly demonstrates that APRNs provide safe, high-quality care with equivalent outcomes to their physician counterparts.  This is why they are in such high demand.

Learn more about the APRN Modernization Act and how you can help by clicking here.