WNA provides comments at Wisconsin Board of Nursing April 9, 2020 Public Hearing

WNA Wisconsin Nurses Association

The Wisconsin Board of Nursing held a public hearing on Thursday asking for comment on their Scope Statement proposal related to COVID-19 Emergency Administrative Rules. Nursing related Administrative Rules are regulated by State of Wisconsin Board of Nursing and the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.  The Board of Nursing is wanting to update the Administrative Rules that were addressed by the Governor as part of his response to Wisconsin’s COVID-19  Public Health Emergency. There is a very defined process for changing or creating  administrative rules. The first step is the development of a scope statement that describes the rules’ objectives, current and proposed policies, policy alternatives, statutory authority, and the resources necessary to develop the rules; and (2) preparation of a draft of the rules that meets format standards suggested by the Rules decision to promulgate rules, including: (1) the preparation, approval by the Governor, publication, and approval by the agency head.  The Board of Nursing held a public hearing to receive comment on their Scope Statement 014-20 N1-N8. There was no opposition voiced.

To read WNA’s comments click here.

WNA will keep you informed as the rules progress.

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