New and Current Approved Provider Information  

Individual Educational Applicant Information   

The Standards for Integrity and Independence

Standards Toolkit Introduction and Contents Overview -Toolkit p. 1 (PDF)

Disclosure Form (to collect disclosure information from all in control of content) * – Toolkit p. 2 (Word Doc)

Required Nurse Planner Mitigation Form * – Toolkit pp. 3-4 (Word Doc)

Disclosure to Learners Examples – Toolkit p. 5 (PDF)

Optional Speaker Letter on Why Disclosure Information Must Be Collected – Toolkit p. 6 (Word Doc)

Optional Speaker Letter about Content Validity – Toolkit p. 7 (Word Doc)

Optional Content Validity Review of Educational Content Documentation Form – Toolkit p. 8 (Word Doc)

Content Validity Summary of Important Points – Toolkit p. 9 (PDF)

Expanded List of Mitigation Strategies – Toolkit p. 10 (PDF)

WNA Crosswalk – Old Language to New Language used in The Standards (PDF)

Algorithm – Quick Reference for Identifying, Mitigating and Disclosing to Learners any Relevant Financial Relationships for All in Control of Content (PDF) 

The ACCME Standards (adopted by ANCC)  (Link)

ACCME Standards FAQ (Link)

ACCME Structured Self-Assessment (Word Doc)

2022 ANCC Guidance Related to Clinical Content (PDF)

* Also found on Education Activity Planning Documents webpage(s).

ANCC-WNA Criteria-Related Resources

WNA Manual for IEA Applicants*  (PDF) v 12/31/23

Gap Analysis Worksheet with Examples (Word)

Educational Activity Outcomes vs. Objectives with Sample Activity Outcomes (PDF)

Calculating Contact Hours

Recorded Education – Video Quick References for NCPD Activities

Overview of NCPD Educational Activity Planning for New Nurse Planners (Video) Overview of NCPD Educational Activity Planning for New Nurse Planners (PDF)    Video Password: +L$wy9JP

Provider Unit Self-Evaluation (Video) Provider Unit Self-evaluation handout (PDF). Video Passcode: gzs=fwS2

WNA 2023 Series:

A. Eligible vs. Ineligible Companies (Video) (VIEW BEFORE ALL OTHER WNA 2023 SERIES VIDEOS) – 12 minutes | Video Passcode: %1iv?gg@ |   Slide Handout (PDF)

B. Identifying, Mitigating, and Disclosing Relevant Financial Relationships (Video) -30 minutes | Video Passcode: R#m868SU |  Slide Handout (PDF)

C. Managing Ancillary Activities (Exhibitors, Non-Approved Education, Advertising) (Video) – 12 minutes | Video Passcode: !r4@q=jB |  Slide Handout (PDF)

D. Commercial Support (Video) – 14 minutes | Video Passcode: TayU3+Zc | Slide Handout (PDF)

* Also found on “Instructions for Completing IEA application” webpage.

Approved Provider Resources Only

ANCC Writing Guide: Writing to the ANCC NCPD Accreditation Criteria for Approved Providers (PDF)

Provider Unit Self-Evaluation Toolkit (Word)

Provider Unit Outcomes Quick Reference (PDF)

WNA APU Manual Part One – Approved Provider Unit Overview, Responsibilities and Criteria (PDF)

WNA APU Manual Part Two – Developing Nursing Continuing Professional Development Activities (PDF)

APU Bi-Monthly Call (Password: 1lR0?HzM)

WNA Provider Update Newsletters

Q1 2023 WNA UPDATES for APUs

Q2 2023 WNA UPDATES for APUs

Q3 2023 WNA UPDATES for APUs


EXAMPLE DOCUMENTS (Link to examples)



NARS resources are found here


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