Member Spotlight – Suzanne Marnocha

WNA member spotlight
WNA has so many incredible members making a lasting impression in nursing. We think it’s about time that everyone else knows about our incredible members, too. That is why we have a Member Spotlight series on our website. This is the space to showcase your talent. Tell us about your remarkable research, your touching stories, the obstacles you’ve overcome. Show us—and the world—what it really means to be a Wisconsin Nurse. Fill out your form to be spotlighted! WNA Member Spotlight Questionnaire

For our next member spotlight, we have Suzanne Marnocha from the WNA Board of Directors. Suzanne Marnocha

What is your name (and credentials)?

Suzanne Marnocha PhD, RN, MSN, CCRN ret.

What have been your roles at WNA / how long have you been a member?

My current role is the Director –at-Large Board position with the WNA. I joined in 1995, and was President of the Fox Valley District for 6 years total. Also the WNA Membership Committee Chair, member of Research Council, BOD member, member of the Mentorship committee, and served as a WNA mentor for 2 graduates. I have been a speaker at: WNA convention four times, WNA APRN Forum Pharmacology and Clinical Update 3 times, WI Student Nurses Convention three times, and at WNA’s Surviving Your First Year workshop.

Where do you work?

The University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh College of Nursing

What is your job title?

Curler Endowed Professor for Health Science and Assistant Dean and Pre-Licensure Director

What do you do in your job?

I am 50% Administration and 50% faculty. I am the program director for the undergraduate program (Pre-Licensure Program Director) including all pre-licensure nursing programs. This includes our Traditional Options admitting 176 students annually and our Accelerated Option admitting 90 students annually to the clinical component of the professional major. I oversee the teaching of and delivery of the curriculum, serve on all but three CON committees, recruit and hire new instruction staff, and do all the staffing for the pre-licensure courses.

Additionally, I teach .50% in the Traditional Option and represent the University Honors Program in the CON, serve as mentor for Honors and McNair students, and serve as the Chair for multiple DNP, MSN NE students.

Finally, I maintain my scholarship via a research and publication trajectory, as well as active participation in professional nursing organizations (in addition to WNA I serve as the President-Elect for the Association of Nurse Educators of Wisconsin (ANEW).

Tell us a story from your job (or a past one).

I love to mentor students and help them love research and publication. I have worked closely with several students to learn this and have successfully published with two undergraduate and one graduate student thus far. My research team is in the process of completing the final analysis and manuscript writing for another project with undergraduate nursing students.

What do you do in your free time?

We love to see our grandchildren as much as possible. We have several large gardens, have 4 hives of honey bees, chickens, and I love to ride horses. I love our 3 dogs, our kitty, and nature. Additionally, my husband and I both own and ride our own motorcycles. We also love to do research, present, and publish together.

What are you passionate about?

The Interdependent Web of All Existence.

Family, animals, nature, and recycling…..liberal politics and human/animal rights

Brag to us about one thing (or 2, or 5, or 10) you’ve done in your career.


Raising 3 fabulous children (an FNP APRN in family practice, an MD anestheologist, and a wonderful son working in retail who can fix about anything). All are fabulous parents.

Being married to my best friend for 43 years!

Graduating High School after a difficult childhood, earning my Diploma in nursing, BSN in nursing, MSN in nursing, PhD in nursing, and finally maintaining my clinical practice as an ICU nurse and CCRN for 38+ years.

My husband and I donated a Student Meeting Room to the CON.

What does being a nurse mean to you?

Being able to listen to people very carefully …honor their stories and gather data…form ideas and conclusions from detailed observations and know how to act.


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