Official Notice of Proposed WNA Bylaw Changes

WNA’s Bylaw Committee did not anticipate any proposed bylaw changes were necessary for this year’s annual business meeting.  There are, however, two sections of the Bylaws that need to be amended in order to conform to ANA Bylaws.  ANA Bylaws were amended at the June 9, 2017, meeting of the Membership Assembly.  The proposed WNA Bylaw changes address the following:

  • Changes the name of WNA’s Reference Committee to Professional Policy Committee.  This provides better clarity for our members and others about the overall purpose of the committee work and responsibility.  The committee provides a report and recommendations of proposed policies that are discussed and voted on by the ANA Membership Assembly.  Wisconsin’s process reflects the ANA process.
  • ANA Bylaws were passed that increased the size of the number of representatives from each state that can be a voting member at ANA Membership Assembly. The number of Membership Assembly representatives is determined by the ANA Membership Assembly Apportionment Policy which is voted on by the ANA Membership Assembly. The impact on the ANA changes for Wisconsin is we are allocated 8 votes and are now able to have 4 representatives, each carrying 2 votes.

WNA’s current Bylaws call for two Wisconsin Representatives; this does not reflect the new ANA allocation of four. The WNA Bylaws Committee is proposing that rather than indicating the number of representatives that can attend, the language should refer to the ANA Membership Assembly Apportionment Policy.  This will avoid having to change this section of the WNA Bylaws every time a new number is allocated.

These proposed Bylaw changes will be voted on at the Saturday, October 21, 2017, WNA Annual Meeting. The following matrix is the official document that shows the current, proposed and rationale for the bylaws. View that matrix here.

WNA Bylaw Committee members for 2017 are:  Marie Garwood, Chair; Linda Gobis, WNA President and Ex Officio; Lea Acord and Pat Borgman.  For more information please email Gina Dennik-Champion,

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