WNA Mentorship Program

The Wisconsin Nurses Association is proud to announce that we are kicking off a mentorship program for our members. We will form “mentorship groups” consisting of 1-2 Mentors and 3-4 Mentees.

WNA Staff will help organize monthly calls for groups to discuss any nursing topics, our experiences in the work place, and give advice on problems we may be having. It’s a great opportunity to get more involved in your professional association, network with other nurses, and form lasting relationships with each other. You may not need advice or help now, but imagine how nice it’ll be to know exactly who to go to when you do need it in the future.

Consider signing up today! We’ll start forming groups and arranging calls in August, but the program will be ongoing as more people sign up. Please fill out the sign up form and provide as much information about yourself as you can, as we will use that information to form your mentorship group.

Please contact WNA Membership and Communication Director, Brianna Neiderman, with any questions about the program.

Mentorship Program Sign Up

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