Workplace Violence Against Nurses Update

The Workplace Violence Against Nurses passes the Assembly Committee.

Assembly Bill 175 passed the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Safety on Thursday. This legislation was introduced to enhance the penalties for people who commit violence against nurses, making battery to a nurse a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

The committee discussed two amendments to the bill before casting votes:

  • Substitute Amendment 1, which makes it a Class H felony to cause bodily harm to a nurse or individual working under the supervision of a nurse. It also would make it a Class H felony to cause harm to any health care provider working in a hospital. Under current law, the felony charge is applicable only to emergency room workers, EMS personnel and ambulance drivers. (Passed)
  • Amendment 1 to Substitute Amendment 1, which exempts the felony enhancer for people who have a brain injury, degenerative brain disorder, development disability or serious and persistent mental illness. (Failed to pass)

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