WNA APRN Roundtable



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Purpose: WNA will provide a roundtable format mechanism that presents an opportunity for APRNs from across the state to formally meet to dialogue and develop reports related to issues and trends that impact the practice, education, research, workforce and leadership of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

Background: There are professional nursing associations that provide membership related to the four APRN roles. There are also numerous Nurse Practitioner (NP) networks and groups across the state that meet primarily for education-related functions. Consistent communication across these groups is of value; however, critical gaps and fragmentation exist that can impact practice, reimbursement, autonomy and patient access to quality APRN care and services.

Vision: Wisconsin APRNs will function at their highest level of education and licensure to provide access to quality care and services for patients with minimal disruptions by having critical communication among the APRN colleagues.

Mission: WNA supports providing an active platform to address APRN issues in Wisconsin across the spectrum of practice, education, research, workforce and leadership in the format of an APRN Roundtable.

Key Stakeholders/Members: The WNA APRN Roundtable will consist of nursing related groups/individuals that interact or interface with APRNs. These include but are not limited to:
• CNM, CNS, CRNA nursing associations/regional groups
• NP associations
• Nine in-state advanced practice registered nurse educational programs
• Regional APRN associations
• Employer sponsored internal APRN groups, i.e. councils, advisory groups etc.
• Nursing Associations that educate and/or employ APRNs

Role and Responsibility: WNA will assume the leadership role as sponsor, convener, facilitator and provide infrastructure. More specific responsibilities are as follows:
1. Identify schedule of meetings through polling
2. Procure meeting space and arrange for food/beverages.
3. Maintain member listing.
4. Collect membership fees.
5. Website platform.
6. Record and maintain proceedings of meetings.
7. Annual report.
8. Support white report development.

Operational Guidelines:
1. The membership of the WNA APRN Roundtable will be open to all formally incorporated advanced practice nursing associations, regional APRN associations that support the continuing education of APRNs, schools of nursing that prepare RNs to earn national board certification in one of the four APRN roles, and employers of APRNs who allocate resources to support a formal structure within their health system(s) that allow for meetings to discuss practice, reimbursement, regulatory policies and/or quality improvement strategies.

a. Employers of APRNS
Less than 15 APRNs      $100.00
16 to 99 APRNs      $300.00
100 or more    $500.00

b. APRN Associations
State association with direct national affiliation    $250.00
State association without national affiliate      $100.00

c. Schools of Nursing with an APRN Program    $150.00
d. Other state nursing associations    $150.00
e. State agencies with APRN employees       $ 50.00
f.  Individual Member
WNA member         $ 50.00
Non-WNA Member        $150.00

3. Membership allows for two representatives from your organization to attend meetings.

4. Establish and adhere to ground rules:
• Limited mobile phone usage,
• No external interruptions,
• Open, frank and fruitful discussions in a polite manner
• Listen to others, no interruption of speeches
• No peer-to-peer discussions while one is talking
• Respect of the agreed time schedule and speak time
• Consensus-oriented meeting (no domination)
• Active participation of everyone
• Differences in opinions will not be taken personally
• Voluntary participation