Grant: Team-Based Care to Treat Diabetes and Hypertension

Wisconsin Nurses Association – Identifying Patient-Centered Team Based Care Models To Treat Hypertension And Diabetes – Funding By Centers For Disease Control And Wisconsin Department Of Health Services

Achieving the triple aim of “access, quality, and cost” continues to be a widespread shared vision within Wisconsin’s health care community. What we’re doing now as health care providers and systems falls short of patient, provider, and payor expectations. It’s time to try something different. In January 2014, the Wisconsin Medical Society, Wisconsin Hospital Association, and the Wisconsin Nurses Association came together to discuss health care redesign strategies, most notably patient- centered team-based care. All agreed that it was time to embrace, promote, and support models of patient-centered team-based care in Wisconsin.

To improve and protect health will require leadership from many Wisconsin organizations, health care systems, community organizations, and consumer groups to advance patient-centered team-based care as a health care redesign priority.  This will require investments to assure capacity to achieve high-functioning teams to advance and sustain health and organizational outcomes.  It will also require commitment to learn through interprofessional collaboration and cooperation and assure patient-centeredness.  Achieving this will result in the delivery of high-quality and safe care that has the potential to improve and protect the health of the 5.7 million people of Wisconsin and the communities where they live, grow, work, learn, and play.

WNA was awarded a Year 3 grant from the Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health CDC Chronic Disease and Prevention Program to continue our work on identifying the prevalence of team-based care in primary care that focus on hypertension and A1C.  One of the accomplishments from Year 2 was the completion of the report “A Wisconsin-Centric Model of Patient-Centered Team-Based Care.”  The report provides an overview of the model and describes the seven elements that comprise Patient-Centered Team-Based Care. Read the full report here. Year 3 will involve an assessment and description of those health systems that are providing hypertension prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and patient self-management practices that are being delivered using a team-based care approach.

Building A Culture For Patient-Centered Team Based Care

Executive Summary


Appendix A: Keynote PowerPoint slides prepared by Maureen Smith, MD, MPH, PhD
​Appendix B: Keynote PowerPoint slides prepared by Dr. Andy Anderson, MD, MBA
Appendix C: Luncheon PowerPoint slides prepared by Dr. Richard Dart, MD

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