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What's New

  • Advancing the APRN Modernization Act 

    The legislative proposals, 2017 Senate Bill 497 and 2017 Assembly Bill 568 were introduced and assigned to the two Health Committees of the Senate and Assembly on October 27, 2018. There were calls for amendments from the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing and the Wisconsin Hospital Association.  The APRN Coalition Legislative Committee accepted the nineteen amendments that were offered by the Board of Nursing.  The proposed nine amendments offered by the Wisconsin Hospital Association required more time and discussion.  Unfortunately consensus was not achieved as the end of the legislative session approached rapidly.

    The leadership of the APRN Coalition continues to meet to work on strategies that will be implemented this spring and through the 2018 election and beyond.  This will require each member of the APRN Coalition to get involved at the local level.  Please rejoin or join the Wisconsin APRN Coalition so that you can support these efforts.  For more information please watch the April 2018 Update.

    Wisconsin APRN Coalition Update

  • Advancing the APRN Modernization Act

    Thanks to those of you who joined the update call on the status of the APRN Modernization Act. For those of you who were unable to attend the calls, you can find the presentation below.

    Part of the presentation included an overview of what the Wisconsin APRN Coalition needs from you as an APRN in order to support the advancement of the legislation.

    1. Please reach out to your legislators and let them know that you want their support of the legislative proposals: AB 568 and SB 497.
    2. Please begin thinking about your email or testimony message that will be needed when the Public Hearings are held on AB 568 and SB 497.
    3. There is limited time to achieve passage of the APRN Modernization Act. The Assembly is planning on finishing their work for the remainder of the biennium by the end of February. We will be competing with many our legislative bills that are to make their way to passage. This will require lobbyist’s presence at the state capitol and implementation of other important strategies for increasing the visibility of our legislation.
    4. Please provide financial support to the WI APRN Coalition so that we can continue our presence in the capitol and throughout the state.
      • Join the Challenge! Two Wisconsin APRN Nurse Practitioners, Tina Bettin from Marion, and Mary Beck Metzger from Lake Mills are offering a challenge. For every $5,000 we add to the Coalition Lobbying Fund, they will each match with a $1,000 contribution.

    For those of your colleagues who are not members of the WI APRN Coalition, they can join for $50.00/year. Send them this link to sign up.

    On behalf of the WI APRN Leadership, we thank you for your consideration of our requests.
    Happy holidays and all the best for 2018!

    APRN Coalition Update December 2017

    Provide Financial Support to the Coalition

  • APRN Modernization Act Moving Forward

    WNA and other statewide associations representing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Wisconsin have formed the Wisconsin APRN Coalition and are pleased to support the APRN Modernization Act – LRB 1538/P4 authored by Senator Devin LeMahieu, and Representative Mike Rohrkaste. Currently the legislative draft is circulating for co-sponsorship. The APRN Modernization Act is a legislative proposal that will formally and legally define and describe the role, responsibility and accountability of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). The consumers of their services will have safeguards that the requirements for licensure provide greater public protection.

    In Wisconsin there are two subsets of Advanced Practice Nurses that are recognized in state statute, one is licensed as certified nurse midwife and the other has a state issued certificate that provides authority to prescribe. There is however, another subset of APRNs who practice as advanced practice registered nurses but are not identified in state statute because they do not prescribe. The APRN Modernization Act combines all APRNs under one umbrella.

    There are four distinct types or roles for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses which are:

    Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
    Nurse Practitioner (NP)

    The APRN Modernization Act incorporates a regulatory model that was developed by the National Council of States Board of Nursing which is being adopted across the country. APRN Modernization Act defines the practice and the criteria that are required to be licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

    The criteria are as follows:

    • The schools preparing the APRN must be accredited.
    • The APRN must have and maintain national board certification, in the role for which she/he has been educationally prepared.
    • The APRN has graduated with a master’s degree in nursing or higher.
    • Has malpractice liability insurance coverage.
    • Obtain at least 16 hours of continuing education in either pharmacology or therapeutics.
    • Must register with the Board of Nursing of her/his intent to prescribe.

    APRN Modernization Act Logo

    Graphics of New Legislation

    APRN Title Map

  • Committees continue to work on development of tools and strategies

    Wisconsin APRN Coalition Committees continue to work on development of tools and strategies for advancing the APRN Modernization Act.

    The Messaging Committee has been creating the talking points/fact sheets on the purpose of the legislation.  The committee is developing talking points for the following targeted groups:

    The goal is to have all of these completed by August 11, 2017.

    The Outreach and Communication Committee is in the process of distributing a letter to as many APRNs as possible informing them of the legislative proposal.  They are also requesting that the APRN become personally engaged in advancing the legislation.  The letter invites the APRN to join the WI APRN Coalition.

    The outreach to APRNs will take place in the established regions of the state.  The purpose of using these regions is to provide opportunities for attending information related events and meetings with the legislators in the region.

    We are building the map that will show the number of WI APRN Coalition members by legislative district. 

    The Legislation Consensus Coalition is completing the final review of the legislative bill draft.  Requests for further clarification of the language will be shared with the bill drafter.

    The Consensus Coalition is also working on the plans for October 12, 2017 APRN Lobby Day at the State Capitol.

    The Fundraising Committee has sent out to APRNs the invitation to join the WI APRN Coalition.  The invitation to nursing associations to join as an organizational member was sent out on July 27.