2023 WASN Annual Membership Meeting
Meeting will take place during lunch on Thursday, April 27 at the conference.

Conference Handouts

All handouts received from presenters will be linked here in PDF format.  We will continue to add handouts as they are received. Download/print handouts as desired, or access them through WiFi at the conference.  These posted files will be available for several months after the conference.   Blue font indicates a linked document.
No printed copies of these handouts will be provided at the conference unless otherwise noted.

PLEASE NOTE: Word Documents (Word.doc, .docx) will appear as an icon on the bottom left corner of your screen – click on the ‘Word’ icon to open the document. ‘Zip Files‘ will also appear as an icon on the bottom left corner of your screen – click to open – may contain a variety of PDFs and Word.docs.

PARTICIPANT LISTINGnew! Arranged by last name, includes only those who gave permission


School Mental Health and School Nursing: A Powerful Collaboration for Student and Staff Well-Being
– – -Preconference – (Zip File of supporting materials)    (full-slide PPT)


Keynote: We’re School Nurses, Hear Us Roar: Embracing Power, Advocacy & Influence

1A – Empowering Students to be Ready to Take Charge of their Health Care as Adults
– – – 1A – Transition Readiness Assessment WorksheetWord.doc
1B – Legal Updates: New Developments for School Nursing  (1B PowerPoint PDF)
1C – Human Growth & Development Education for Students with I/DD

2A was rescheduled to session 3D
2B – Navigating Boundary Confusion in Students with I/DD
2C – Trifecta! Individual health plans, Sec. 504 and IEPs   (2C PowerPoint PDF)
2D – Diabetes in School Health (DiSH): Telementoring Program and Diabetes Care
2E – Asthma is Different Now – From SAMPRO to SMART & More

Plenary 1 – What Wisconsin School Nurses Need to Know About WI Health Services
– – – Plenary 1 – (full-slide PPT)

Plenary 2 – The Diversity of Wisconsin Tribes: A Unique History


Plenary 3 – Addressing Mental Health Crises with Practical Solutions
– – – Plenary 3 – Supporting Materials

3A – Drug Identification and Symptoms of Drug Use (full-page PPT PDF)
3B – Nursing Documentation in Special Education
– – – 3B – (full-slide PPT)  (Zip File of worksheets)
3C – Policy Development: An Approach Using New Clinical Guidelines for Head Lice
– – -3C – Zip File of supporting documents
– – 3C live Q&A sessions over Zoom platform – click (or copy) link to join:

3D – Big Problems from Small Biters–Tick- and Mosquito-borne Diseases in WI
– – – 3D – (full-slide PPT)

4A – LGBTQ+ Youth in Crisis: Best Practices
4B – Pediatric Sexual Assault – If I tell you my secret, what can you do to help me?
4C – Writing End of Year Reports
4D – From First on Scene to Next of Kin
– – – 4D – (Officer in Crisis Policy) (Peer Support Policy)